Some key cloud concepts

By Avery from AzureGuru
Published in AZ-900 Training
October 06, 2020
1 min read

Economies of scale: the ability to do things more efficiently or at a lower-cost per unit when operating at a larger scale. This cost advantage is an important benefit in cloud computing.

Disaster recovery: The ability to recover from an event which has taken down a cloud service. Cloud services disaster recovery can happen very quickly, with automation and services being readily available to use. Security: Cloud providers offer a broad set of policies, technologies, controls, and expert technology skills that can provide better security than most organizations can otherwise achieve.

Agility: The ability to react quickly. Cloud services can allocate and deallocate resources quickly. They are provided on-demand via self-service, so vast amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes. There is no manual intervention in provisioning or deprovisioning services.

Global reach: The ability to reach audiences around the globe. Cloud services can have a presence in various regions across the globe, which you and your customer can access, giving you a presence in those regions even though you may not have any infrastructure in that region.


  • Discuss economies of scale
  • Explore key cloud concepts


AZ-900Cloud Concepts

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