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By Mike from AzureGuru
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January 17, 2021
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The Pricing calculator estimate the cost of running a basic web application on Azure. With an understanding of the more important cost factors associated with running on Azure, we can to take a typical workload and estimate how much it would cost each month to run it on Azure.

The Pricing calculator is for information purposes only. The prices are only an estimate, and you won’t be charged for any services you select.

Pricing calculator displays Azure products in categories, and you choose the Azure products you need and configure them according to your specific requirements. Azure then provides a detailed estimate of the costs associated with your selections and configurations.

The options that you can configure in the Pricing Calculator vary between products, but basic configuration options include:

  • Region: Lists the regions from which you can provide a product. Southeast Asia, central Canada, the western United States, and Northern Europe are among the possible regions available for some resources.
  • Tier: Sets the type of tier you wish to allocate to a selected resource, such as Free Tier, Basic Tier, etc.
  • Billing Options: Highlights the billing options available to different types of customers and subscriptions for a chosen product.
  • Support Options: Allows you to pick from included or paid support pricing options for a selected product.
  • Programs and Offers: Allows you to choose from available price offerings according to your customer or subscription type.
  • Azure Dev/Test Pricing: Lists the available development and test prices for a product. Dev/Test pricing applies only when you run resources within an Azure subscription that is based on a Dev/Test offer.




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