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October 04, 2020
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You have an on-premises network that contains 100 servers. You need to recommend a solution that provides additional resources to your users. The solution must minimize capital and operational expenditure costs.

What should you include in the recommendation?

  • Complete Migration to the public cloud: Migrate everything to the public cloud has a lot of OpEx and CapEx.
  • An additional data center: It is expensive, and it doesn’t say that you don’t have enough space for additional servers.
  • A hybrid cloud: Creating a hybrid cloud from an on-premises network means that we have to create a private and public cloud which has a high OpEx.
  • A private cloud: We can use a private cloud to share resources in the on-premises network, without having OpEx or pay-as-you-go.

A private cloud is owned and operated by the organization that uses the resources from that cloud. They create a cloud environment in their own datacenter and provide self-service access to compute resources to users within their organization. The organization remains the owner, entirely responsible for the operation of the services they provide.

Private cloud models have the following characteristics:

  • Ownership: The owner and user of the cloud services are the same.
  • Hardware: The owner is entirely responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and management of the cloud hardware.
  • Users: A private cloud operates only within one organization and cloud computing resources are used exclusively by a single business or organization.
  • Connectivity: A connection to a private cloud is typically made over a private network that is highly secure.
  • Public access: Does not provide access to the public.
  • Skills: Requires deep technical knowledge to set up, manage, and maintain.


  • Define private cloud


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