Exploring some key cloud concepts

By Jeff from AzureGuru
Published in AZ-900 Training
October 09, 2020
1 min read
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Global reach: The ability to reach audiences around the globe. Cloud services can have a presence in various regions across the globe, which you and your customer can access, giving you a presence in those regions even though you may not have any infrastructure in that region.

Predictive cost considerations: The ability for users to predict the costs they will incur for a particular cloud service. Costs for individual services are made available, and tools are provided to allow you to predict the costs a service will incur. You can also perform analysis based on planned growth.

Elasticity: The ability to automatically or dynamically increase or decrease resources as needed. Elastic resources match the current needs, and resources are added or removed automatically to meet future needs when it’s needed (and from the most advantageous geographic location). A distinction between scalability and elasticity is that elasticity is done automatically.


  • Explore key cloud concepts


AZ-900Cloud Concepts

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