Decommission retired assets

By Osmanys from AzureGuru
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October 04, 2020
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After a workload is promoted to production, the assets that previously hosted the production workload are no longer required to support business operations. At that point, the older assets are considered retired. Retired assets can then be decommissioned, reducing operational costs. Decommissioning a resource can be as simple as turning off the power to the asset and disposing of the asset responsibly. Unfortunately, decommissioning resources can sometimes have undesired consequences. The following guidance can aid in properly decommissioning retired resources, with minimal business interruptions.

Public cloud models guarantees decommission retired assets beacause have the following characteristics:

  • Ownership: Ownership refers to the resources that an organization or end user uses. Examples include storage and processing power. Resources do not belong to the organization that is utilizing them, but rather they are owned and operated by a third party, such as the cloud service provider.
  • Multiple end users: Public cloud modes may make their resources available to multiple organizations.
  • Public access: Public access allows the public to access the desired cloud services.
  • Availability: Public cloud is the most common cloud-type deployment model.
  • Connectivity: Users and organizations are typically connected to the public cloud over the internet using a web browser.
  • Skills: Public clouds do not require deep technical knowledge to set up and use its resources.

With a public cloud, there is no local hardware to manage or keep up to date; everything runs on the cloud provider’s hardware. In some cases, cloud users can save additional costs by sharing computing resources with other cloud users.


  • Decommission retired assets
  • Define public cloud


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