Azure serverless computing

By Mike from AzureGuru
Published in AZ-900 Training
October 23, 2020
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Serverless computing is a cloud-hosted execution environment that runs your code but abstracts the underlying hosting environment. You create an instance of the service and you add your code. No infrastructure configuration or maintenance is required, or even allowed.

You configure your serverless apps to respond to events. An event could be a REST endpoint, a periodic timer, or even a message received from another Azure service. The serverless app runs only when it’s triggered by an event. Scaling and performance are handled automatically, and you are billed only for the exact resources you use. You don’t even need to reserve resources.

Some of the most common serverless service types in Azure are Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure Event Grid.


  • Define serverless computing


AZ-900Cloud Concepts

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