Using tags in Azure

By Avery from AzureGuru
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January 03, 2021
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One way to organize related resources is to place them in their own subscriptions. You can also use resource groups to manage related resources. Resource tags are another way to organize resources. Tags provide extra information, or metadata, about your resources. This metadata is useful for:

  • Resource management: Tags enable you to locate and act on resources that are associated with specific workloads, environments, business units, and owners.
  • Cost management and optimization: Tags enable you to group resources so that you can report on costs, allocate internal cost centers, track budgets, and forecast estimated cost.
  • Operations management: Tags enable you to group resources according to how critical their availability is to your business. This grouping helps you formulate service-level agreements (SLAs). An SLA is an uptime or performance guarantee between you and your users.
  • Security: Tags enable you to classify data by its security level, such as public or confidential.
  • Governance and regulatory compliance: Tags enable you to identify resources that align with governance or regulatory compliance requirements, such as ISO 27001. Tags can also be part of your standards enforcement efforts. For example, you might require that all resources be tagged with an owner or department name.
  • Workload optimization and automation: Tags can help you visualize all of the resources that participate in complex deployments. For example, you might tag a resource with its associated workload or application name and use software such as Azure DevOps to perform automated tasks on those resources.


  • Organize your Azure resources by using tags



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