Using Azure Dedicated Host

By Reynard from AzureGuru
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January 03, 2021
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Some organizations must follow regulatory compliance that requires them to be the only customer using the physical machine that hosts their virtual machines. Azure Dedicated Host provides dedicated physical servers to host your Azure VMs for Windows and Linux.

Dedicated Hosts

Azure Dedicated Host:

  • Gives you visibility into, and control over, the server infrastructure that’s running your Azure VMs.
  • Helps address compliance requirements by deploying your workloads on an isolated server.
  • Lets you choose the number of processors, server capabilities, VM series, and VM sizes within the same host.

After a dedicated host is provisioned, Azure assigns it to the physical server in Microsoft’s cloud datacenter.

For high availability, you can provision multiple hosts in a host group and deploy your virtual machines across this group. VMs on dedicated hosts can also take advantage of maintenance control. This feature enables you to control when regular maintenance updates occur, within a 35-day rolling window.

You’re charged per dedicated host, independent of how many virtual machines you deploy to it. The host price is based on the VM family, type (hardware size), and region.




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