Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication and Conditional Access

By Jeff from AzureGuru
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January 03, 2021
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What’s Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication?

Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication is a Microsoft service that provides multifactor authentication capabilities. Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication enables users to choose an additional form of authentication during sign-in, such as a phone call or mobile app notification.

These services provide Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities:

  • Azure Active Directory: The Azure Active Directory free edition enables Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication for administrators with the global admin level of access, via the Microsoft Authenticator app, phone call, or SMS code. You can also enforce Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication for all users via the Microsoft Authenticator app only, by enabling security defaults in your Azure AD tenant.
  • Multifactor authentication for Office 365: A subset of Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities is part of your Office 365 subscription.

What’s Conditional Access?

Conditional Access is a tool that Azure Active Directory uses to allow (or deny) access to resources based on identity signals. These signals include who the user is, where the user is, and what device the user is requesting access from.

Conditional Access helps IT administrators:

  • Empower users to be productive wherever and whenever.
  • Protect the organization’s assets.

Conditional Access

Conditional Access also provides a more granular multifactor authentication experience for users. For example, a user might not be challenged for second authentication factor if they’re at a known location. However, they might be challenged for a second authentication factor if their sign-in signals are unusual or they’re at an unexpected location.


  • What are multifactor authentication and Conditional Access?



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